Dr Bashir Qureshi




Dr Bashir Qureshi






Transcultural Medicine


Dr Bashir QureshiAuthor of TRANSCULTURAL MEDICINE - Dealing with Patients from different Cultures, Religions and Ethnicities.


This book covers an overview of all cultures, religions or non-religious persuasions and ethnicities, in relation to medical needs, legal positions, political dimensions and economic considerations. In a clear, concise, credible, cool, compelling and compassionate way, I have outlined the varying needs and also give practical tips in fairly managing the patients or clients from different backgrounds. This objectively written book is for doctors, nurses, other health professionals, solicitors, managers and all those who work in multicultural areas. This book was a mandatory reading for British army doctors who treated soldiers, war prisoners and civilians from all backgrounds in Iraq, Afghanistan and other recent wars. Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister asked and got a signed copy from me. Rt. Hon. Enoch Powell MP told me that he read my book, borrowed from the House of Commons Library.




Expert Witness



As a specialist in Cultures, Religions and Ethnicities, I have assisted solicitors and courts since 1992, in cases of medical negligence, GP clinical negligence, discrimination in employments, personal injuries, accidents, murder cases in courts and police investigation, family and marital disputes, child abuse, sexual abuse, female sexual genital circumcision / mutilation, honour killing, immigration, asylum and other litigation cases.

I write reports, give advice, and give evidence in tribunals or courts. I am a Founder Member of the Society of Expert Witnesses, since 1996. I am listed in The Law Society Directory of Expert Witnesses, UK Register of Expert Witnesses, since 1999 and in Online Directory by Expert Search Ltd, since 2004.

If a solicitor or police or anyone else is seeking advice, please contact me.



Guest Lecturer




I have given nearly 400 lectures widely on my subject in meetings, workshops, conferences, civil and army courses in Britain, USA and abroad, since 1981. I have a list of 50 talks and can make a new one to suit the audience. Please feel free to discuss your needs or to ask for a list of talks and to contact me.




Guest Broadcaster


Guest Broadcaster on Television and Radio

I broadcast widely on patient care or health promotion issues since 1970. I have media training and experience. I was a regular participant in the BBC - TV programmes by Kilroy Silk and other BBC documentaries. Also, I have widely broadcast on other TV and Radio channels. If you need a guest broadcaster, even at a short notice, Please contact me..


Medical Writer



Writer for articles in Medical and Legal Journals

I have written over 300 articles in medical, health and legal journals and newspapers in the UK since 1981. I am still keen to write more. I live by deadlines. If you want an article, please feel free to contact me. I live by deadlines.

Medical Journalist

Editor and Member of Editorial Boards

    - Editor of London Medicine, 1984-1985
    - Editor of Faculty News, Home Faculty of the Royal College of GPs, London, 1981-1984.
    - Editor GP Writer of the GP Writers Association. UK. 1991-1992.
    - Member, Editorial Board of "Health Trends"-Jr. of Department of Health. UK. 1988-1992.
    - Member Broadcaster of Independent Broadcasting Authority, UK. 1982-1989.
    - Member, Editorial Board, Jr. of Royal Society for Promotion of Health, UK. 1990-2008.
    - Member, Editorial Board, "Perspective in Public Health" - Jr. Roy. Soc. Public health, UK since 2008.

I am a member of the Medical Journalists Association, UK. If you require any assistance, Please contact me.

Story Teller

True story teller of real events
Luckily with a good memory, I can tell true stories since 1935. My special areas for interesting and thought provoking stories are: 1) Conversations with some members of the British Royal Family and three British Prime Ministers since 1964; 2) The National Health Service functions, events and changes since 1964. 3) The Britsh Empire Rule in India, personal memories, 1935-1947. If you require an artice or broadcast, please contact me.